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2019 Year Pantone

By 30 January, 2019 News

Pantone announced the color of the year 2019

It is called Living Coral and has as reference 16-1546. The choice of the year of Pantone “is an encouraging and vivacious coral tone with a tone that energizes and animates,” announces the company responsible for one of the most respected international color scales, used in various industries.

The choice reflects today. It is a “reaction to the attack of digital technology and social networks that infiltrate the day-to-day”, reads on the site. “With all that is happening today, we are looking for humanizing qualities, because we are watching life online to dehumanization many things. We are looking at the colors that feed and bring comfort and familiarity and that make us feel good, “explained the vice president of the Pantone color Institute, Laurie Pressman.

“The color conjured up the corals, which provide shelter for marine life and that at the same time are dying.”

For about two decades, Pantone has been announcing the color of the year, based on a “trend analysis” and a “careful consideration”. During the year, experts analyze chromatic influences linked to the most diverse areas — from the entertainment industry to artists, through socio-economic factors, new technologies and relevant sporting events.

More and more, Pantone positions this choice not only as a reflection of today, but also as a factor of influence in society. According to Pantone’s own description, the color of the year influences the “product development, and purchase decisions of multiple industries”.