The Secrets of Santa Claus

By 12 December, 2018News

The secrets of Santa Claus are the theme of the Christmas story that is feeding the social networks of 100 Metros, and that began by launching the phrase “Let’s unravel the secrets of Santa Claus”, on November 23rd.

This tale will be part of the themes that will be published by 100 Metros during the holiday season. Altogether, twelve surprising secrets of Santa Claus will be revealed, between November 26th and December 21st, on the Facebook and Instagram pages of 100 Metros.

The goal of this campaign is to share some curiosities about Santa Claus, a mythical distributor of gifts with red clothes, and associate them with 100 Metros.

To follow the disclosure of these secrets will have to follow the pages of 100 Metros on Facebook and/or Instagram, or else, search for the hashtag #osegredosdopainatal

So far, the following secrets have been revealed:

Secret #01

Santa Claus is the oldest customer of 100 Metros

Secret #02

It was on the way to 100 Metros that Santa Claus found the reindeer Rodolph

Secret #03

Santa’s bag is all coated with air bubble

Secret #04

The fact that Santa Claus is red because of the colors of the 100 Metros

Secret #05

Every year, Santa spends several days preparing the gifts at 100 Metros