Reasons to choose cushioned Envelopes

By 12 December, 2018Products

When it has been several years after the creation of the envelope, and when it would be thought that its extinction was very close, behold the online trade arises to return to give importance to the traditional envelope, replacing the heavy and less versatile cardboard boxes In sending small products to the world.

But why do the envelopes continue to be an effective option after several years of existence?

We give you 4 reasons to continue using padded envelopes for sending small objects!

1. Give less work

The first reason remains the most obvious – it is very easy to use an envelope.
The cushioned envelopes instruction book has only three steps: Insert the item into the envelope, close the envelope, and fill in the shipping data.

2. Fewer shipping costs

Envelopes weigh very little and occupy less space than cardboard boxes. These factors reduce the value of postage.

3. Extra space in your warehouse

As the envelopes are small, their storage space is greatly reduced.

4. Greener

The envelopes are very compact, so they generate less solid waste. In addition, cushioned envelopes contain recyclable materials.